Ready for HIIT?

We are ready to start our morning HIIT class! There was a GREAT amount of interest in all 3 days I offered and I’m really looking forward to starting!

First the details:

I will have waivers that need to be signed prior to the first class. You can do this the first morning, or stop in the community center/library on Monday to sign it ahead of time. This class will be taken with the understanding that you are releasing me, the library, the community center and the city of Tioga from ANY liability. You are participating at your own risk.

Class will be held in the gym at the community center. Because we are having class prior to the center opening, you will need to enter through the NORTH ENTRANCE, off Signal Road. Please bring the shoes in which you plan to workout…do not wear them outside as we don’t want to track snow, sand, water, salt, etc onto the gym floor. There are cubbies in that entry way for you to store your belongings while you’re working out. There are also locker rooms available for changing. Please keep in mind that I need to drop my kids off at school prior to coming to the community center, so I will not be arriving more than about 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class.

This class is open TO MEN AND WOMEN! All fitness levels are welcome, but you are responsible for your workout intensity. HIIT tends to be a higher intensity, faster paced workout. You can modify as needed, but as the instructor, I will be presenting to the class in what is the higher intensity level.

This class will be Tuesday and Thursday morning, starting at 8:45am. We will be done by 9:30am . I’m going to have a warm-up, cool-down and between 30-35 minutes for the actual HIIT section. For HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING, that’s really all the time you need for a fantastic workout!

I’m also going to do a Saturday morning class. We will start this class at 8:45am the first week. We can discuss the first week whether or not those of you on Saturdays would prefer an earlier start time…this class can be a little more flexible, but I’d like to try an earlier start time so we can be done and get on with our Saturdays. Saturday is also a day that I may not be able to keep regularly, as child care issues could occasionally be an issue. Ii will post notice of cancellations as early as possible.

I do need to address the subject of bringing your children. For now, we are not able to allow this. We are meeting before the community center opens, and there is no chaperone for the play area and they are absolutely not allowed to be in there alone. The rest of the community center is off-limits…this is a non-negotiable rule of the community center. I understand this could mean some people are unable to attend but for now, we just cannot allow children to come along. We could potentially find a way to make it happen in the future but at the beginning, it is not going to be doable. I appreciate your understanding!

Here is the LINK for the sign up:


Please sign up, and I will email/text you with the definite start date. I’m about 99% sure it’ll be Tuesday, but we might have to start Thursday instead! I’m excited to get started with everyone!


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