Donation Policy

Donations Policy 

Tioga Community Library 

Effective starting June 2019 

Gifts of Materials 

The Library gladly accepts donations of books and A/V materials, with the understanding that they are subject to the same criteria for inclusion in the collection as purchased materials. The Tioga Community Library reserves the right to accept or dispose of any gift through transfer to another library, transfer to the Friends of the Library organization for inclusion in their sales or for charitable donations, or to discard them. The library will not provide a valuation of donated materials for tax purposes.  

Items that will not be accepted for donation include: 

  • issues of periodicals 
  • items that are moldy or foul-smelling 
  • items that are visibly water damaged 
  • items in poor physical condition 

Miscellaneous Gifts 

The decision as to the acceptance of furnishings, appliances, and equipment shall be made by the Library Board on the advice of the Director. Criteria influencing the decision include need, space, impact on staff, and expense and frequency of maintenance. 

The decision as to the acceptance of all other gifts not previously addressed in this policy, including monetary gifts, shall be made by the Library Board on the advice of the Director.  

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