Patron Conduct Policy

Patron Conduct Policy 

Tioga Community Library 

Effective starting June 2019 

So that all may have a safe, fair, and pleasant opportunity to patronize the Tioga Community Library and enjoy all it has to offer, please observe the following while in the library: 

General Policies 

**No smoking or using tobacco products 

**No food is allowed in the library. 

**Any beverage brought into the library must have a well-fitting lid. Absolutely NO BEVERAGES at the computer stations. 

**Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times 

**Mute your cellular phone. If you must take a call while in the library, please step into the hallway or outside to be respectful of other patrons. 

**Bringing non-service animals onto the premises is prohibited  

**No soliciting, petitioning, distributing written materials, or canvassing for political, charitable, or religious purposes without prior approval of the library director 

**No roller skating, inline skating, or skateboarding in the building 

**Footwear, shirts and bottoms are required; wet bathing suits are prohibited 

**Any behavior which is disruptive or hinders others’ use of the facilities or library workers’ ability to do their jobs is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:  

  • Using threatening or obscene language or gestures 
  • Conduct that creates unreasonable noise 
  • Using audio or video devices without headphones 
  • Damaging, destroying, or tampering with library property 
  • Moving library furniture without permission 
  • Public intoxication 
  • Brandishing weapons 
  • Sleeping in the library 
  • Verbal, physical, or sexual harassment of patrons or staff

Telephone Use Policy 

Library telephones shall be used by library patrons in emergency situations only. Emergency calls shall be limited to no more than 5 minutes

Unattended Children Policy  

Children are encouraged to use the Tioga Community Library as a place to read, learn and connect. The library encourages parents, guardians, and caregivers to use the library with their children. Children 7 years and under must be accompanied at all times by a responsible party (someone aged 13 or older). Pre-teens and any child not able to travel alone must be picked up prior to closing. Disruptive juveniles may be asked to disperse at the library director’s discretion. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children; guardians and caregivers are responsible for the behavior of children in their care. The library is not responsible for the safety or security of children left unattended. 

Patrons who violate any of these guidelines will be given notice of this policy. A violation may result in a patron’s expulsion from the library, suspension of library privileges, or criminal prosecution or other legal action, as appropriate. 

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