Hey everyone! We have changed our hours just a bit from TODAY going forward. We are closing at 3pm on Thursdays. This is because of the farmer’s market / vendor market that will be taking place every Thursday starting with July 30th. It’s much easier for me to get the hours under control now 🙂

Also, we are going to be closed on Friday and Saturday next week…JULY 24th and 25th. Tioga High School has rented the community center for their prom, and they will be setting up all day Friday. We will reopen MONDAY JULY 27th at 10am. Thanks for understanding!


Hey everybody…GOOD NEWS! The Williams County Bookmobile is starting to come to Tioga again; HOWEVER there are new guidelines in place that must be followed:

1: The Bookmobile is TAKE-OUT only. This can work as follows:

  • You can call the Bookmobile director (her name is Montana) at her work number (701) 713-0063 between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Up to the day prior to her visit here in Tioga, she can pull ANY ITEM from the Williston Library! This puts over 60,000 items at your convenience to check out. You can go online to their online catalog to see everything available.
  • If you show up at the Bookmobile and haven’t reserved anything, you will not be allowed to go onto the Bookmobile to browse. Montana will ask you what sorts of books or genres you are interested in/looking for and she can bring things off the Bookmobile for you to see.

2. The Bookmobile is following the same procedures as we are regarding quarantining and sanitizing materials. This means that after anyone returns a book, it is quarantined for 3 days before we sanitize it. Only after the 3-day quarantine and sanitizing is the book returned to circulation. So in relation to #1 above, if you have Montana bring items off the Bookmobile and then decide not to take it, it has to be quarantined. Please keep this in mind when thinking about books, and it really is a great option to call ahead!

3. The Bookmobile staff is taking all necessary precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment for both the patrons and themselves. This means frequent sanitizing of everything onboard, and it also means only the 2 staff members are allowed on the Bookmobile. Please understand this is for everyone’s safety and health.

4. Overdue fines are being waived indefinitely. You still must return the books! If our library/community center is open, you are welcome to put your Bookmobile books in the teal tote in between the two sets of outer doors on the east side. If we are closed, please feel free to put the books in our own brown book return outside the front entrance. (Please…library materials ONLY in the book return. It’s not a garbage can.)

OK, I think that’s all for now! Feel free to call Montana at (701) 713-0063 anytime between 10am and 6pm with questions, or you can call me at the library here in town and I’ll get the answers you need!

The Bookmobile will be in Tioga again on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12th from 1pm-2pm!

We have REOPENED to the public!

Please take a look at the two pictures below: first is our summer hours of operation. These are subject to change at any time if we feel the need to either add or eliminate any hours.

Second is a general list of recommendations that we are providing. Again, these are subject to change at any time.

Please understand that this is new for all of us, and we are all in unfamiliar territory in terms of what we should do in order to make our reopening as comfortable as possible for everyone involved…everyone from library patrons to library staff to other community members using the community center. Please keep in mind that each and every individual is going to feel differently about situations and that’s okay…we can all work together to help each other feel at ease during this time by simply considering the emotions of one another and then reacting with compassion and understanding.

Thank you!

~Sandy, Library Director


They are FINISHED! The summer reading tracking forms are created and ready for you!

I will post a picture with this post; tomorrow after I get home from church, I will make a bunch of copies of the tracking forms and will leave them in our “drop box/book return totes” outside the front doors of the community center. Watch FACEBOOK for the “go ahead” to pick them up in the afternoon. WE START MONDAY!

You don’t NEED the form…you can just keep track of it on paper if you’d prefer – or you can message the library and I can email you a copy for you to print. Me printing them is just saving you INK and providing a copy for those without printers!

KID’S PROGRAM is for any age, but mostly geared toward the “really littles” to about 4th grade. Youth and Adult forms are about 5th grade and up! Parents, you can look them over and see if your younger child is able to complete the youth/adult program…totally up to you!

You only will need ONE FORM for the entire 4 weeks, unless you plan on reading A WHOLE BUNCH (more than 15 hours total for the littles, and more than 50 hours for the older group).

You don’t need proof for any of the activities listed…I’m just using the honor system 🙃!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Feel free to post on the Facebook page with any fun activities you do that you’d like to share.

Hope to see everyone in early JULY…at the actual LIBRARY!!!

***QUICK NOTES: minutes are CUMULATIVE. So if you as an adult read 60 minutes the first time you read, you would X-out the 30 and the 60. The next time you read, say for 90 minutes, you would X-out the 90, 120 AND the 150.

The SMILEY FACES are for multiple completions of each activity. There are only 4 on some of the Kid’s template because those are once a week activities on Facebook, and we are only doing this 4 week challenge to start.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at or send me a message via Facebook Messenger!


Here we GOOOO!

Below are the instructions to get you signed up on BEANSTACK…either on your computer or mobile device. We’re going to use this to track ALL sorts of reading and activities this summer!

Our program here at the Tioga Community Library will actually begin Monday, June 8th; HOWEVER, North Dakota State Library starts TOMORROW! Check out their Facebook page for all sorts of great activities starting tomorrow…and LOG them into your BEANSTACK program – EVERYTHING you do counts toward our program here, too!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message on Facebook or at

Library Board Meetings

This is to notify the public that there will be two library board meetings tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14th, 2020. Both meetings will take place via Zoom Meetings.

The first meeting is a special meeting/annual meeting. It will begin at 5:oopm CST.

The second meeting is our monthly board meeting and will begin at approximately 5:35pm. The meeting ID for both meetings is 996 2899 9895 and the password is library.

Below you can find the agenda for each meeting, as well as the meeting ID, password and a link to join. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Annual Meeting

Tioga Community Library Board
April 14, 2020 5:00pm
Special Meeting/Annual Meeting
Zoom Meeting information
Meeting ID: 996 2899 9895
Password: library

  1. Call to Order; Roll Call
  2. Additions and/or changes to agenda
  3. Quorum for Annual Meeting
  4. Library Director Report and Budget
  5. Election of Library Director
  6. Adjournment

Monthly Library Board Meeting

Tioga Community Library Board
April 14, 2020 5:35pm
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 996 2899 9895
Password: library

  1. Call to Order; Roll Call
  2. Additions and/or changes to agenda
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Library Director Report
  5. Old Business:
    • Finance Committee/Budget
    • Grant Committee
  6. Next meeting date, time, and place
  7. Adjournment


Here are some of those links I promised to get up for you all…this first post is for TumbleBooks.

First up: k-6 eBooks. User name: tumble735 Password: books

K-6 children’s ebook database

Next up…MATH! User name: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6

K-6 math ebook database

And here’s the links for grades 7-12 eBooks. User name: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6

gr 7-12 ebook database

Are Audio Books more your style? Audio books for ALL AGES!

User name: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6

Or maybe you like romance? User name: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me at or message the library on Facebook during our time of closure!


In case you didn’t see this on the library’s Facebook page, here it is again:

☘️☘️ANNOUNCEMENT…but this one is a good one!☘️☘️

I had an IDEA yesterday as I was hauling all my work stuff into my house for the rest of the month.

We might not me able to have our normal activities in the library, but I most definitely can bring some of them to you RIGHT HERE!

Preschool story time will CONTINUE, just a little differently. This Tuesday is St. Patrick’s day, and I am signed up to read at the elementary school. After I’m done, at 11am, I will start a Facebook live here on this page, and we can read the same stories I have picked out for the elementary school. If you can’t join us live, that’s okay… It’ll be up on the page after the live is over and you can watch at your convenience. Have friends in other cities/states that might like to join us? Give them our Facebook page name! Maybe you know someone with elementary age kids whose schools are shut down…INVITE THEM TOO! The more, the merrier…🤗

This will be the test run and as long as it goes well, we can plan a few more things like this online for this weird time in limbo. If it works, I’ll keep it, even when we’re open again to the public. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a little something I can do to help keep our library spirit alive.

☘️☘️☘️Come back on Tuesday at 11am for story time on Facebook… I have a special St. Patrick’s day already planned out! ☘️☘️☘️

***March 16th edit: with our schools closed this week, I won’t be reading at the elementary school. Anyone is definitely invited to watch the story time!***

Welcome to March!


It’s almost spring! However, I saw the forecast for this weekend with measurable snow SO I guess it’s North Dakota’s last attempt to hold onto winter!

This time of the year always seems a little crazy for me. Everyone is still getting a cold or flu or other illness and we’re all just ready for the warm weather. We’ve had to cancel a few of our story times, either because I knew there was a whole bunch of sick kids, or my own kids had been exposed to something or, in the case of last week, I had been exposed to some “yuck”. The last thing I want to do is get everyone else sick (I did manage to escape the yuck!). I appreciate that everyone was considerate and I didn’t see many sick kids at the story times we did have! We did our best to clean the library surfaces every day, hoping to ward off the germs, but you know now that I think back, I certainly didn’t wipe down every crayon, marker or pencil in the library. You can only do so much, right?? Just keep in mind that the sick season isn’t over yet, and everyone will certainly appreciate the consideration in keeping your sick kids (or self) out of public places when you are able. Thank you in advance!

I know the library hours have been a bit sporadic lately, and I do apologize. It gets tough to cover all the hours I would like to be open when the staff (of staff children!) get sick. I appreciate everyone’s patience as we all hold on through the rest of the winter sick season!

That being said, we’re on track to have story time this week, both for the PK kids at 10:30am Wednesday and 4:00pm for the K-2nd graders on Wednesday as well. We had our very first multilingual story time the on February 26th and it was a great time! Lisa Ledbetter read us a story in Spanish and the preschoolers got to mix up their own paint. We kept it contained in plastic Ziploc bags, with minimal mishaps! (One was exploding green paint on the library director’s white sweater…I learned a valuable lesson that day not to wear white on story time days! PS – it was TOTALLY my own fault!)

Our second multilingual story time is set for BOTH story groups on Wednesday, March 25th. Sarah Wright will be sharing with us about sign language! If you are able, it will be lots of fun I’m certain. For the 4pm story time that day, I welcome anyone who is interested to come in…we won’t limit it to 2nd grade. Usually I pick the stories based on the age group, but for the multilingual times, I think that afternoon group can include the whole town if they’d like to come! The more the merrier!

With springtime right around the corner, I guarantee that there are other library directors throughout North Dakota thinking the exact thing I’m thinking: SUMMER READING PROGRAM IS COMING! I’ve been to the prep meetings, and this year is destined to be good. The theme is “Imagine Your Story”…if you happened to hear the last time I was able to chat with Jim Prather at KTGO radio, you heard that this means we’ll be incorporating lots of fairy tales, legends, folklore, and the craft ideas are endless! I have a huge manual that I am getting lots of great idea from, and I’m excited for the summer to get here. It will be a large undertaking, particularly for someone who has NEVER put something like this together. I made sure one of the classes I took this year in grad school talked about public library programs so I could pick the brains of my classmates! Still, chances are good I’ll be asking for some volunteers this summer so if you’ll be in the area and are interested in helping in any capacity, keep your eyes open here and on the Facebook page for announcements!

We also received a grant this year to have a weekly STEM club, which I was able to push off at least temporarily due to the large amount of activities that were happening for the school kids. But we DO need to get that going VERY VERY SOON, or we will lose the grant money. SO, I’m working hard this week to finalize all the details and I will post the announcement VERY soon!

Now just a bit of “not-so-good” news. Let’s take into consideration all that I just talked about: sickness, story times, summer reading program, grad school, STEM club…PLUS all the regular day to day tasks that come with running a library, my family, the remainder of my life activities…oh yeah, and at least SOME sleep – something has to “give” or it will be my health or sanity! Although I managed not to catch whatever my kids had last week, by the time Friday came and I was back at work, I realized pretty quickly that I AM WIPED OUT. It’s easy to think you have it all together and you’re just plowing through everything until you have to take a break from your daily grind and realize that you’re exhausted. As much as I do not like to cancel anything, or say NO to other ideas, I’ve realized I need to. For right now, the only day of the week that I typically do not have to work or run all over the place for activities for myself and my family is Saturday. I really need that day to be free…including to possibly sleep in if I can! For that reason, I’m “suspending” the Saturday morning HIIT class and kid’s story time/fitness class. I’m not saying “cancel” just yet, because I do believe I will at least revisit the idea of putting them back into the schedule sometime in the future. For now, I need to give myself a totally free day, and I appreciate your understanding!

That’s your March Madness update! Enjoy the nice days as we start to see them more and more…with as long as winter really is up here, we should always remember that spring and summer ALWAYS make an appearance if we’re patient for long enough!