Summer Reading Update

June 5th is just around the corner! We will do a sign-up day for the summer program between May 31 and June 4th, but after that initial day, you can still sign up…anytime before the end of the program.

If you’ve been on Facebook, you may have seen this sheet already:


For the final block of events for 4th grade and older, I’m looking at Fridays at 4pm. There are so many other summer activities in town happening between Monday and Thursday – I want to give as many kids as possible the chance to participate in library activities as well. Barring any major problem, Fridays will be the day. You will need to sign up ahead of time for those activities, so that I can make sure I have enough craft supplies and that the group size is manageable in the library. Those sign up sheets will be available during the sign up day, and then will be available at the front desk after that.

One question I’ve had about LEGO club is if there will be a limit on group size. As of right now, the answer is no. I think we can make it happen BUT if the first meetings are too full, I may split those into two. Remember that Tuesday’s LEGO club is only for children up to 1st grade age. I want to give the younger ages a chance to participate without getting lost in a sea of bigger kids! The other two days – Tuesday and Friday – will be open to any age, including the youngest group. Parents of littles – please use your best judgement about whether or not your child is old enough to play with LEGOs. The policy at the community center is that any person younger than 14 must have a responsible older caretaker accompany them. I need to follow the center’s rules but I can adjust to say you do not need to stay in the library during LEGO club (except on Tuesdays!) I need you to be in the building – this can include an older sibling or babysitter if it applies. Thanks for understanding.

One more thing: library activities are just that – IN THE LIBRARY. If your child leaves the library, they are part of the community center activities and all the rules must be adhered to. I would appreciate your help in talking to your kids about library activities…that they should remain with the group until they have finished their craft or the event time has expired. Thank you again.

I’ll post our sign up day by the end of this week – stay tuned!


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