Something NEW!

Exciting news! Tomorrow is the first day of our multi-lingual story time for the preschool story time! We will be having this the final Wednesday of every month to start! I’m really excited to start this for the kids.

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 26th at 10:30am, Lisa Ledbetter will be sharing a story in Spanish and English with our preschoolers. The book is called “Mix It Up!” or “¡Mézclalo Bien!” by Hervé Tullet. This is a great opportunity to get children hearing and becoming more familiar with other languages. We’ll also do a craft that is related to the story.

So come on out tomorrow morning at 10:30am to the library and join us for the first of many of these story times. I’m also looking to include sign language and as many other languages as we can possibly incorporate.

If you or anyone you know is multi-lingual and would like to help with the program, PLEASE contact me via email, telephone or even just pop into the library to talk with me. I would love to also be able to share this with the older group eventually and the more people who can share different languages, the more we can give to our young patrons!

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