Website Revival!

This is my weak spot. I’ve known that many people don’t utilize Facebook and could benefit from the library’s website; however, I’ve been terrible about maintaining it and keeping it up to date. Spring can be the new season of revival for our website.

What’s been going on at the library, you ask? Lots and lots of story times with the preschoolers. Right now this is the only program that we kept up with but that was mainly because some of the other events in the community center made afternoon activities difficult. But they’re coming back, I promise!

During story time this year, we’ve explored stories of dogs, cats, mermaids, worms, a grumpy groundhog, Pete the Cat (I love that guy!), a rainbow fish, unicorns, catching leprechauns, and goldfish. One day the participants got to meet and love on a puppy! It’s so much fun to read to this group, and often they just start handing us books to read. We’re raising readers!

Craft time after the stories is always lots of fun, too. A special thanks to all the adults who have graciously offered their assistance to the littles…I couldn’t do it without you. Here are some of the crafts we’ve done this year:

And here’s a cute puppy face:

The writing tree is still up and it would like some spring flowers to put on its branches. You can write whatever you would like and ask the staff to hang it on the tree for you!

Thinking back a little, our Christmas break craft bags were a huge hit this year! I made a total of 100 bags, and 99 of them came to you! (I needed to keep one for myself so I could make the how-to videos!) Thank you for making it a success and we’ll do it again at the end of the year!

So what’s next? The library now has its own supply of LEGOs and I would love to bring back our LEGOs Club. It was very popular both last summer and during the Christmas party, so I know I need to split it into age groups. On one day I had 35 KIDDOS in the library trying to build with LEGOs and that is just too many for me to adequately control! Plus, we just don’t have the room available right now to have that many playing and building with LEGOs…not enough table space or standing space even! It’s coming back!

Our next book club will be starting soon…any adult 18 and up is welcome to join! Linda does a great job reading and leading our meeting after we’ve read. It’s always nice to get the perspective and opinions of others. I’ll post the new book and a sign up list as soon as the books arrive.

What else would you like to see? Let me know…you can leave a comment on this post or even shoot me an email or Facebook message.


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