They are FINISHED! The summer reading tracking forms are created and ready for you!

I will post a picture with this post; tomorrow after I get home from church, I will make a bunch of copies of the tracking forms and will leave them in our “drop box/book return totes” outside the front doors of the community center. Watch FACEBOOK for the “go ahead” to pick them up in the afternoon. WE START MONDAY!

You don’t NEED the form…you can just keep track of it on paper if you’d prefer – or you can message the library and I can email you a copy for you to print. Me printing them is just saving you INK and providing a copy for those without printers!

KID’S PROGRAM is for any age, but mostly geared toward the “really littles” to about 4th grade. Youth and Adult forms are about 5th grade and up! Parents, you can look them over and see if your younger child is able to complete the youth/adult program…totally up to you!

You only will need ONE FORM for the entire 4 weeks, unless you plan on reading A WHOLE BUNCH (more than 15 hours total for the littles, and more than 50 hours for the older group).

You don’t need proof for any of the activities listed…I’m just using the honor system 🙃!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Feel free to post on the Facebook page with any fun activities you do that you’d like to share.

Hope to see everyone in early JULY…at the actual LIBRARY!!!

***QUICK NOTES: minutes are CUMULATIVE. So if you as an adult read 60 minutes the first time you read, you would X-out the 30 and the 60. The next time you read, say for 90 minutes, you would X-out the 90, 120 AND the 150.

The SMILEY FACES are for multiple completions of each activity. There are only 4 on some of the Kid’s template because those are once a week activities on Facebook, and we are only doing this 4 week challenge to start.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at or send me a message via Facebook Messenger!


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