In case you didn’t see this on the library’s Facebook page, here it is again:

☘️☘️ANNOUNCEMENT…but this one is a good one!☘️☘️

I had an IDEA yesterday as I was hauling all my work stuff into my house for the rest of the month.

We might not me able to have our normal activities in the library, but I most definitely can bring some of them to you RIGHT HERE!

Preschool story time will CONTINUE, just a little differently. This Tuesday is St. Patrick’s day, and I am signed up to read at the elementary school. After I’m done, at 11am, I will start a Facebook live here on this page, and we can read the same stories I have picked out for the elementary school. If you can’t join us live, that’s okay… It’ll be up on the page after the live is over and you can watch at your convenience. Have friends in other cities/states that might like to join us? Give them our Facebook page name! Maybe you know someone with elementary age kids whose schools are shut down…INVITE THEM TOO! The more, the merrier…🤗

This will be the test run and as long as it goes well, we can plan a few more things like this online for this weird time in limbo. If it works, I’ll keep it, even when we’re open again to the public. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a little something I can do to help keep our library spirit alive.

☘️☘️☘️Come back on Tuesday at 11am for story time on Facebook… I have a special St. Patrick’s day already planned out! ☘️☘️☘️

***March 16th edit: with our schools closed this week, I won’t be reading at the elementary school. Anyone is definitely invited to watch the story time!***


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