The weather certainly changed fast this year. I feel like summer slipped away before we knew it and today there is snow in the forecast. Thank you, North Dakota!

As the weather changes, let’s address a few changes that are happening in the library:

I am slowly acquiring DVDs and audio books…SLOWLY. Please be patient. This is not a simple task, and it’s actually more challenging (in my opinion) than choosing new print books for the library. It is going to take some time, and I appreciate your patience as we add different materials in an effort to meet the many, ever-changing needs of the community. With this comes the need to make some changes to our circulation policies:

1. ADULTS: you may now check out 15 TOTAL ITEMS on your card. This is 15 combined types of materials: books, DVDs (2 at a time), audio books (2 at a time), book bags (only one per card at a time). This will be strictly enforced. I’ve been allowing more, and it’s now to a point where *some* have abused this. The fact that there are 65 items overdue right now…most overdue by several weeks…is proof that something isn’t working. If you have reached your limit, you will not be allowed to check out more.

2. CHILDREN: I’m leaving this total at 7. Again, TOTAL ITEMS to include any combination of books, DVDs (1 at a time), audio books (1 at a time) and book bags (again, only one bag per card at a time).

3. FINES: I’m still leaving books FINE FREE, for now. Please return your overdue materials. HOWEVER, DVDs and audio books will be assessed a fine of 25 cents per day, up to a total of $10.00. Then your account will be locked until you pay and return the item. These items are not a huge part of our collection and it simply is not fair to other patrons for the items to be allowed to remain overdue.

4. LOAN PERIOD: Books remain at 21 days, renewable ONE TIME. DVDs and audio books are 14 days and you may not renew them. If you need to renew a book, you may do so online (there is a page labeled CATALOG INFORMATION over on the right sidebar of this webpage that will walk you step-by-step how to get into your account to renew a book), you may bring the book in to be renewed OR you can even call or email me at the library.

QUICK REMINDER that preschool story time is EVERY WEDNESDAY at 10:15am unless there is a conflict, which I will post online in advance if possible. There is a date later in October where the entire community center will be closed for CPR and first aid training (in which I am included) and therefore we will be needing to cancel story time that week. I don’t always get on Facebook on Wednesday mornings to post reminders (although I do try!) so please plan for story time unless it’s been posted as cancelled. Thank you!


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