Slime Fest!

Slime Day was a huge success! We had many more kids than we expected, but that is was EXACTLY what we wanted! Below are a few pictures from our story time!

THANK YOU to all the kids who came to the library for our story “Once Upon a Slime” and coloring slime monsters…the library windows are FULL of slimy monster awesomeness! Thank you to the parents/guardians/grandparents/older siblings who brought the younger kids and helped supervise.

Our story for the day!

Thank you to Sam (activities director for the community center) for collaborating with me to make this an event for that included both the library and the community center…I can’t wait for the next big event (YUP…we’re finalizing the details today!).
To the library assistants (Myra and Betsy) and the community center assistants (Kassie and Kelli) .. we couldn’t have done any of this without you! And to the awesome older kids who helped with teaching slime making…you guys are the best!


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