Hey everyone! We have changed our hours just a bit from TODAY going forward. We are closing at 3pm on Thursdays. This is because of the farmer’s market / vendor market that will be taking place every Thursday starting with July 30th. It’s much easier for me to get the hours under control now 🙂

Also, we are going to be closed on Friday and Saturday next week…JULY 24th and 25th. Tioga High School has rented the community center for their prom, and they will be setting up all day Friday. We will reopen MONDAY JULY 27th at 10am. Thanks for understanding!


Hey everybody…GOOD NEWS! The Williams County Bookmobile is starting to come to Tioga again; HOWEVER there are new guidelines in place that must be followed:

1: The Bookmobile is TAKE-OUT only. This can work as follows:

  • You can call the Bookmobile director (her name is Montana) at her work number (701) 713-0063 between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Up to the day prior to her visit here in Tioga, she can pull ANY ITEM from the Williston Library! This puts over 60,000 items at your convenience to check out. You can go online to their online catalog to see everything available.
  • If you show up at the Bookmobile and haven’t reserved anything, you will not be allowed to go onto the Bookmobile to browse. Montana will ask you what sorts of books or genres you are interested in/looking for and she can bring things off the Bookmobile for you to see.

2. The Bookmobile is following the same procedures as we are regarding quarantining and sanitizing materials. This means that after anyone returns a book, it is quarantined for 3 days before we sanitize it. Only after the 3-day quarantine and sanitizing is the book returned to circulation. So in relation to #1 above, if you have Montana bring items off the Bookmobile and then decide not to take it, it has to be quarantined. Please keep this in mind when thinking about books, and it really is a great option to call ahead!

3. The Bookmobile staff is taking all necessary precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment for both the patrons and themselves. This means frequent sanitizing of everything onboard, and it also means only the 2 staff members are allowed on the Bookmobile. Please understand this is for everyone’s safety and health.

4. Overdue fines are being waived indefinitely. You still must return the books! If our library/community center is open, you are welcome to put your Bookmobile books in the teal tote in between the two sets of outer doors on the east side. If we are closed, please feel free to put the books in our own brown book return outside the front entrance. (Please…library materials ONLY in the book return. It’s not a garbage can.)

OK, I think that’s all for now! Feel free to call Montana at (701) 713-0063 anytime between 10am and 6pm with questions, or you can call me at the library here in town and I’ll get the answers you need!

The Bookmobile will be in Tioga again on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12th from 1pm-2pm!

We have REOPENED to the public!

Please take a look at the two pictures below: first is our summer hours of operation. These are subject to change at any time if we feel the need to either add or eliminate any hours.

Second is a general list of recommendations that we are providing. Again, these are subject to change at any time.

Please understand that this is new for all of us, and we are all in unfamiliar territory in terms of what we should do in order to make our reopening as comfortable as possible for everyone involved…everyone from library patrons to library staff to other community members using the community center. Please keep in mind that each and every individual is going to feel differently about situations and that’s okay…we can all work together to help each other feel at ease during this time by simply considering the emotions of one another and then reacting with compassion and understanding.

Thank you!

~Sandy, Library Director